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About Us

A Sweet Addition to Broomall.

We feature gelato imported directly from Italy, which can not only be eaten in a cup or cone but also on a Bombolone (an Italian Donut filled with your choice of gelato and topped with powdered sugar) or as an Affogato (Italian Hot Espresso poured over your favorite gelato flavor). You can add whimsical sprinkles such as “Mermaid Splash”, “Pizza Pizzazz” , “Super Hero” and many more. We also offer Nutella and Whip Cream on every gelato.

We also offer a large selection of glass and aluminum bottled sodas, along with imported Sparkling or Natural Water directly from Italy in our cooler. Whimsical and fun soda selections can be found on our featured “Soda Wall” and include such flavors as, Pickle, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Buffalo Wing, Strawberries & Cream, Butterbeer, Birch Beer and many more. You can purchase individually or build your own 4pack from the Soda Wall selections.

We also carry a selection of novelty candies, along with specialty candies and treats from Italy, Mexico and Japan, make your own Taffy Box and a wide selection of amazing Cotton Candy, with flavors such as Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Birthday Cake, Beer, Jalapeno and more. Don’t forget to pick up fresh baked macaroons which are brought in weekly.

Much more to come in the coming months. We hope to see you here!

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